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[Fallingwater house kitchen table and stove]
Kitchen, northwest corner of main floor.
The kitchen is small, with a stove on the left wall, a table and chairs, and cabinets and sink on the right wall. Built-in shelves follow the contour of the space, conveying a feeling of being sturdy and protected, like the inner portions of the house itself. The windows in the photo reach from floor to ceiling, and make up the lower third of a three-story wall of glass in the west tower. So the kitchen is at the foundation of the most dramatic vertical statement in the architectural design of the house. Above the kitchen is the dressing room.
      Through the windows the southwest balcony is visible, from the opposite side as in this photo. To the right of it would be downstream, and the view of the ravine quite impressive, as also from the west side of the living room. (The window above the seating area in that living room photo is visible also in this photo, through the windows on the left.)
      To the left of this photo is the doorway leading to the corner of the living room between the dining area and the fireplace.
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