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[Fallingwater living room and dining area]
Living room including dining area, looking from southeast corner to northwest corner.
The living room, or great room, at Fallingwater includes several sitting areas, a dining area, a large built-in desk, and the fireplace seen in the middle of this photo. Stone, wood, and earth tones are featured, while modular seating cushions accent with autumn colors.
      The dining area can be seen on the right, and a door to the kitchen is at the corner, just to the right of the fireplace. The room is spacious, as shown in this classic black and white photo of the living room.
      To zoom in on the fireplace or especially on the sitting area, see this photo of the living room from a similar angle, but closer to those areas on the left in this photo. For a closer view from a reverse angle, see this photo of the living room with hearth in foreground taken from the corner near the kitchen door. The hearth stones clearly visible in that photo are original boulders on the site which protrude up through the floor.
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