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[Wright Flight icon] Bureau of Aviation:
The Wright Brothers (Orville and Wilbur). A brief biography, history (first airplane flight, 1903), bibliography, and more.
[Building icon] Bureau of Architecture:
Frank Lloyd Wright. LARGE photos of Fallingwater with commentary; map & directions.

Dr. Stephen P. Wright Mrs. Noriko S. Wright [icon for Dr. Stephen P. Wright & Mrs. Noriko S. Wright, Presidents of the Wright House] The Presidents:
Dr. Stephen Wright and Mrs. Noriko Wright--A few words about their backgrounds.
[Library icon] Wright House Library:
Online information about famous Wrights; book recommendations.

[Cabinet Ministries icon] Wright House Cabinet:
Affairs of state... of mind.
   Department of Psychology
   Department of Education
   Ministry of Religion
   Department of Dance
[Wright House News icon] New and Popular:
Find new and popular items: Risk in adolescence, Sense of Community, John C. Wright, Tao Te Ching, Analects of Confucius, Korean alphabet.

[Help Desk icon] Wright House Help Desk:
Find out what's available at the Wright House; find reviews of books, music, electronics, etc.
[Lite House icon] The Lite House:
Helping the people exercise their inalienable "right" to the pursuit of humor (including comedian Steven Wright jokes).

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