Korean Syllables

Korean characters grouped by syllable within words

[Korean characters] First learn the basic characters of the Korean alphabet

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The content of the pdf (300k) "Korean Syllables" is pretty much self-explanatory, but assumes the reader has some familiarity with the characters that make up the Korean alphabet.

Korean Syllables: click here or on the picture of the pages immediately below to get a high-quality, printable version (300k graphic pdf) of the "Korean Syllables" file shown.

[Korean Syllables]

[Korean Syllables]

Read about the fascinating Linguistic and Philosophical Origins of the Korean Alphabet. Download the pdf version (288k) for better quality printing.

Go to the Main Korean language page

See the mnemonic learning aids for the Korean alphabet; separate pdf's: consonants (146k), vowels (138k)

Read the story of the table clock, written by a Korean Buddhist monk. The page is supplemented to facilitate intermediate level study of the Korean language. Also a 3-page pdf (91k).

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