Wright Brothers History: Tale of the Airplane

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Orville and Wilbur Wright     The Wright Brothers Page: Wilbur and Orville Wright, a brief biography.
Writings of Wilbur and Orville Wright    

A useful Bibliography, which contains numerous references to texts describing the Wrights and their accomplishments.

Recommended reading

The following book is highly recommended:
The Bishop's Boys: A Life of Wilbur and Orville Wright by Tom D. Crouch.
Synopsis: "Crouch (A Dream of Wings) interweaves family drama with the history of aviation in a riveting saga of ingenuity, competing claims, public adulation and technical innovation." --Publishers Weekly.
Review: For anyone really interested in the story of human flight, Tom Crouch's "The Bishop's Boys" is the book for you. Crouch has done a masterful job of telling the Wright's story, and what a story it is! Most legendary figures of history crumble when their lives are examined-- Wilbur and Orivlle Wright are more amazing the more you learn about them. Thanks to Crouch and "The Bishop's Boys", the entire story, warts and all, is finally put before the public in a well written, definitive, biography. I have studied and written about the Wright Brothers for years, and I always tell anyone who wants to learn more about these amazing brothers to read this book. --Douglas McIntyre, December 31, 1999.

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The Inventor's Gallery (on the original site) briefly describes many of the early inventors who tackled (usually unsuccessfully) the airplane, and provides access to greater detail about some inventors.

The Photo Gallery (on the original site) contains several photographs of aircraft developed during the invention of the airplane, including a way to access all of the Wright brothers Library of Congress images.

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