[game Round 3 Life Events [game
(19-yr olds)

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page 19-8:
1.become somewhat promiscuous4
2.experiment with marijuana // alcohol5
3.contract diabetes from eating junk food (M) 6
4.spend too much time on internet, start flunking8
5.go to church trip during the summer // take up individual sport (tennis, skiing)12
6.editor of school newspaper13
7.voted student council representative13
8.high school valedictorian17
9.volunteer at homeless shelter13
10.elected to church youth board14
11.GPA = 4.0, SAT 160018
12.GPA = 4.0, SAT 160018
13.GPA = 4.0, SAT 160018
14.National Merit Scholar18
15.accepted to MD w/ President's scholarship, but turn it down to go to Wesleyan19
16.accepted to Princeton19
17.accepted to Stanford19
18.accepted to Yale19
19.accepted to Harvard19
20.full scholarship to University of Chicago20