[game Round 3 Life Events [game
(19-yr olds)

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page 19-7:
1.become somewhat promiscuous4
2.experiment with marijuana // alcohol5
3.parents divorce (D) // make older friend who used cocaine (M)/ diagnosed with anorexia nervosa6
4.spend too much time on internet, start flunking8
5.go to church trip during the summer12
6.host a foreign exchange student13
7.participate in political campaign13
8.selected for main/major role in school play // 13
9.taking music lessons (piano, violin, clarinet, flute)13
10.score 1200 on SAT 14
11.score 1200 on SAT 14
12.volunteer at nursing home14
13.elected student council officer14
14.accepted to National Honor Society15
15.high school GPA of 3.716
16.become junior assistant scout master (M) // teach sunday school (F)16
17.elected to church youth board17
18.accepted to local state college17
19.win scholarship to state college28
20.accepted to Cornell but too far away, decide on Maryland: College Park Scholars19