[game Round 3 Life Events [game
(19-yr olds)

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page 19-6:
1.become alcoholic (M) / have child without father (F)3
2.become somewhat promiscuous4
3.experiment with marijuana // alcohol5
4.parents divorce (D) // conclude/realize you are gay/lesbian5
5.parents divorce (D) // rumored to be gay/lesbian over extended period6
6.caught shoplifting in 7-11, handled poorly7
7.spend too much time on internet, start flunking8
8.suffer bouts of depression8
9.going to too many parties, getting low grades8
10.get elected to serve on the junior bank board13
11.volunteer at nursing home14
12.win school/county wide academic contest (creative writing, speech, art math, science, band15
13.make the B honor roll15
14.participate in sunday school & church youth group16
15.serve on a panel for race relations in your high school16
16.sing in church choir16
17.voted to all-state sports team17
18.accepted to good state college (MI, VA, MD, PA, etc.)17
19.parent remarries a loving partner (D) // develop on-going relationship with a caring, supportive school counselor18
20.win scholarship to local state college19