[game Round 3 Life Events [game
(19-yr olds)

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page 19-5:
1.attempt suicide1
2.starting to use speed // start dealing marijuana (M)2
3.sexually assaulted (attempted rape) (F)3
4.parents divorce // parent becomes alcoholic5
5.parents divorce // parent becomes alcoholic5
6.become somewhat promiscuous5
7.fighting in school repeatedly (M) // sexually harassed in school (F)5
8.committed vandalism but not caught (M)6
9.role in school play12
10.member of a sports team (M) / music club (F)13
11.take music (guitar/drums) lessons13
12.voted student council representative13
13.win school/county wide academic contest14
14.become good friends with a really nice boy/girl (opposite sex)14
15.elected leader of KEY club14
16.volunteer at crisis center15
17.volunteer at church food pantry16
18.earn a letter in sports/academics17
19.accepted to good state college (MI, VA, MD, PA, etc.)18
20.parent remarries loving partner (D) // join air force18