[game Round 3 Life Events [game
(19-yr olds)

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page 19-4:
1.parent dies2
2.sexually assaulted (attempted rape) (F) // charged with attempted rape (M)4
3.held back a year in school (MF // M)3
4.parents divorce (D) // wage earner loses job 5
5.parents divorce (D) // wage earner loses job 5
6.become somewhat promiscuous5
7.conclude/realize you are gay/lesbian / rumored to be gay/lesbian6
8.diagnosed with a learning disability6
9.caught smoking marijuana by father7
10.make friends with peers who are into drugs8
11.mom finds out you've been sneaking out in middle of night w/ friends8
12.have gotten into several arguments with teachers8
13.spend too much time on the internet, grades drop8
14.best friend moves out of state9
15.participate in sports team13
16.get part-time job working at MacDonald's13
17.win school/county wide academic contest14
18.participate in sunday school & church youth group16
19.get a full-time job18
20.get into state college19