[game Round 3 Life Events [game
(19-yr olds)

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page 19-3:
1.attempt suicide1
2.raped (F) / get caught with drugs in your locker (M)2
3.sent to juvenile court for battery (hit teacher with a chair) (M) // sexually assaulted (attempted rape) (F)3
4.join a gang (M) / become pregnant (unplanned, unmarried) (F)4
5.caught drinking and driving5
6.diagnosed manic-depressive // parents divorce (D)5
7.contract genital warts4
8.sexually promiscuous5
9.conclude/realize you are gay/lesbian5
10.recruited by gang (M) / Diagnosed with bulimia (F)6
11.best friend dies6
12.lose part-time job7
13.break up with boyfriend/girlfriend8
14.get involved in theatre club at school12
15.get part-time job working at Wendy's13
16.serve on a panel for race relations in your high school14
17.parents participate in marital therapy // alcoholic parent goes to AA15
18.sports team goes to national championship17
19.involved in vocational-technical education (VOTECH, BOCES)17
20.parent remarries positive person (D) // develop caring relationship with teacher18