[game Round 3 Life Events [game
(19-yr olds)

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page 19-2:
1.convicted of dealing drugs (M) / attempt suicide (F)1
2.incarcerated and stabbed in prison (M) / raped (F) 1
3.convicted as accomplice in gang-related shooting2
4.runaway, live on the street 3
5.addicted to heroin3
6.get caught with drugs in your locker (MF // M)3
7.sent to juvenile court for battery (hit teacher with chair) (M)3
8.arrested for armed robbery, acquitted, but actually guilty (M)4
9.contract herpes 4
10.involved in an abusive relationship (F) / arrested for battery (M)6
11.join a gang (M) / become pregnant (F) 6
12.regularly use hard alcohol 6
13.regularly use marijuana6
14.brother gets shot7
15.put into remedial math/reading7
16.enter a residential substance abuse program14
17.develop a positive relationship with influential adult (coach/therapist)16
18.involved in vocational-technical education (VOTECH, BOCES)17
19.get GED / graduate from high school w/ help from older friend18
20.join marines19