[game Round 3 Life Events [game
(19-yr olds)

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page 19-1:
1.killed in gang-related shooting0
2.convicted of murder (M) / commit suicide (F)0
3.contract HIV/AIDS 0
4.kicked out of house, live on street1
5.incarcerated and stabbed in prison (M) / raped (F) 1
6.caught dealing drugs (M) / engage in prostitution to survive (F)2
7.expelled from high school for assaulting teacher2
8.addicted to crack cocaine 2
9.become a pothead, live in squat house3
10.arrested for breaking and entering (M) // beat up by boyfriend sent to emergency room for cracked skull (F)3
11.shot in leg in gang-related shooting3
12.drop out of high school 3
13.hospitalized for psychiatric treatment4
14.alcoholic/wino, lose job4
15.on welfare, have a baby4
16.join a gang (M) / become pregnant (F)6
17.get out of abusive relationship13
18.go through treatment14
19.become a Born Again Christian15
20.get GED17