[game Round 2 Life Events [game
(15-yr olds)

Steps in each round:

Step 1. Find the appropriate page. You have presumably already done this step to get to this page. If that's not how you got here, click here.

Step 2. Get 3 random numbers between 1 and 20. If any number or "life event" is repeated, get additional numbers. Click on the "Spin!" button below or use your own method (click here for alternate suggestions).

Step 3. Read the 3 numbered life events in the table below that correspond to the 3 random numbers. If table below is hard to read (text runs together), click here.

Step 4. See below (after the chart).

page 15-3:
1. parent dies 2
2. starting to use cocaine (M) // become pregnant (F) 3
3. sexually assaulted (attempted rape) (F) // suspended for fighting in school repeatedly (M) 3 // 5
4. held back a year in school (MF//M) 4
5. parents divorce (D) // wage earner loses job 3 // 5
6. parents divorce (D) // get into a knife fight with another student 4
7. lose virginity and have several relationships 4
8. conclude/realize you are gay/lesbian 4
9. diagnosed with a learning disability 6
10. caught smoking behind the school (MF//M) 7
11. make friends with peers with poor grades 8
12. have gotten into several arguments with teachers 8
13. have a C average at school 8
14. move to a new school 9
15. go to summer camp / church trip during the summer 12
16. get part-time job working at MacDonald's 13
17. win school/county wide academic contest (creative writing, speech , art, math, science) 15
18. participate in sunday school & church youth group 16
19. really good kid your age moves into neighborhood, becomes best friend 17
20. grandparent moves near; develop loving, caring, active relationship 19

Step 4. Add the 3 "risk numbers" together (from the column on the right in the table), and consult the following chart:

Points to Cards Conversion:

Step 5. The contestant receives the number of cards indicated above. Remember that an orange risk card and a green protective card cancel each other. (Cancelled cards are returned to Vanna.) The cards the contestant now has will be used at the beginning of the next round to determine what page he or she will land on.

After all contestants have finished round 2, move on to
round 3.

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