Tony Sanchez
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Tony was born into a poor neighborhood (low SES) on the south side of Chicago. His mother was 17 when she gave birth to Tony 6 weeks premature. He was 2.4 ounces at birth, and addicted to cocaine. Tony's early years were characterized by placement in and out of a variety of foster homes. There was no father present, and his mother had been declared "unfit" by social services after numerous complaints by neighbors that an infant was being left alone for long periods of time. The foster homes have not been a pleasant experience for Tony, as he has been bounced around the system, and often the care-givers were more interested in a check from Uncle Sam than in his welfare. The school system that he attends is currently rated in the bottom 5% for the state of Illinois, and hospital records indicate that his family has a history of alcohol abuse.

Tony begins the game with 4 orange risk cards. [game [game [game [game

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