Sandy Fitzgerald
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Sandy was born into a financially secure and loving home just outside of Kansas City, MO. Sandy is the second of three children. Both of her parents work. They have time for the children, however, as her father runs a small business out of the home while her mother works four days a week as a registered nurse in a retirement home. Sandy has had a happy childhood until recently. Sandy had had an extremely close relationship with her grandmother who died of lung cancer over a year ago. Since that time, Sandy has become an aggressive child in school, and will often not follow the instruction of teachers (behavior which was uncharacteristic before the death of her grandmother). Her parents have taken her to see a counselor, but his had not seemed to help the current situation. Her parents hope Sandy's difficulties will pass, and are talking about other ways they might try to help her. No family history of mental illness.

Sandy begins the game with 2 green protective cards. [game [game

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