Rachel Polanski
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Rachel is currently the only child born to her mother, and they live in Atlanta, GA. No father is currently in the picture and her mother is not sure nor does she care who the father is. Rachel and her mother are living on public assistance. Rachel's mother is suffering from bipolar (manic-depressive) illness, however, has not been diagnosed and is not receiving treatment. Unlike a good portion of people suffering from bipolar illness who cycle from mania to depression over a period of weeks or months, Rachel's mother's mood swings on a 48 hour clock. Rachel does not know how to interpret her mothers rapid mood swings. Rachel has developed one close relationship with another girl at school, and often spends time at her friend's house. There is a history of mental illness on Rachel's mother's side. The history on the father's side is not known.

Rachel begins the game with 3 orange risk cards. [game [game [game

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