Peter Thomas
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Peter was born into a middle class family in Erie, PA. The third of three children, Peter lives at home with his mother and 2 sisters. Even though his parents are divorced, he sees his father on a regular basis and both of his parents are actively involved in the lives of the three children. Peter likes the school he attends and has developed some good relationships with other students, and is active in after-school sports. Peter, however, believes that his parents divorce is somehow his fault. Although both parents love and treat their children well, each blames the other for the divorce and often use the children to "get back" at the former spouse. Peter often feels in the middle. Fortunately, he has a good relationship with two uncles who live nearby, and the grandparents also try to help. No family history of mental illness or substance abuse.

Peter begins the game with 2 green protective cards. [game [game

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