Gabrielle Fernandez

Gabrielle was born into a family that could be described as "working poor" on the East side of Los Angeles. The third of three girls, she was cared for primarily by her mother. Her father works up to 14 hours a day, but still manages to spend time with the family after work and on Sundays after church. Gabrielle's parents are very strict but loving. Neither of them has graduated high school, as they were married at 17 when her mother was pregnant with her older sister. Although not well-educated themselves, her parents stress the importance of education to all their children. The parents seem really to live for them, the children's care being the top priority in their lives. They provide for them better than many families with more money by being frugal. The school that Gabrielle attends, however, is poor. The neighborhood in which she is growing up has recently taken a turn for the worse as drug dealers have moved in. Even so, the family is fortunate to have an option to move to a better neighborhood where a number of their relatives live, that is almost as close to Dad's work. No family history of drug or alcohol abuse.

Gabrielle begins the game with no cards.

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