Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect:
Kaufmann house above the waterfall

[fallingwater guest house walk]
Guest house front walk and trellis, and canopied steps to the main house, from east.
The guest house (of which only a bit is visible on the right side of the picture) sits up higher on the hill, connected to the main house by a stepped walkway covered by a stepped canopy, which can be seen dropping off to the left in the picture.
Original photo, taken by the webmaster.
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Uphill, the guest wing, set on leveled ground, echoes many of the themes introduced in the main house. The bravura of the glass curtain wall of the west tower is matched by a curved, repeatedly stepped (i.e., folded) canopy over the walk. The canopy rises from the rear of the main house and circles around a big oak tree until it meets the upper structure. This bold canopy is supported by steel posts on only one side; on the other, the tension created by a ring beam with additional reinforcing rods prevent the slab from sinking - a true tour de force. The canopy continues straight eastward along the front of the guest wing to form a trellis echoing those below; this trellis includes the longest cantilever of the whole house, very quietly presented.

- Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House, p. 114.

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