[Fallingwater hatchway, looking from east]
View at the main (living room) level, from east.
A "hatchway" connects the living room vertically to a shallow spot in the stream (Bear Run) via the stairs visible at the bottom of the picture. The living room opens onto the southeast terrace (foreground) from double doors on either side of the hatchway stairwell (the doors on the left are set back). The trellis above adds to the vertical theme of the hatchway. It is open to the sky, and also extends horizontally into the living room, two of the many suggestions of the continuity of inside and outside. Click here for a summer view where sunlight above is streaming down through the glass ceiling and glass hatchway to the stairway below. Click here for a beautiful view of this part of the house and opposite bank, taken from "further back" and slightly to the left.
Original photo, used by permission.

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