Prince George's County public and private schools

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Last major (but partial) update: Oct. 6, 2010. Several years ago, it seemed that this list of public and private schools in Prince George's County, Maryland was still more complete and up-to-date than any other single list. It was certainly the case for most if not all of the period since this list was originally created in July, 1997. Other information below may be outdated, but in many cases current information should be available on those web sites that are linked below. I will be doing more updates soon.


The format includes two features that deserve a comment:
  1. I have recently made the decision to delete the names of school principals from the public school list, as I simply do not have enough time to keep up with all the changes.
  2. In the private school list, any school that spans more than one category is listed in each. For example, because New Hope Academy is pre-K through 12th grade, it is listed under the pre-K, elementary, middle, and high school categories.

If you find errors or omissions below, please email Dr. Stephen Wright by clicking on the mailbox at the bottom of this page.

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Public Schools

Private Schools (partially updated 10/6/2010, 6/1/2005)

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Prince George's County Public Schools
Their phone number is 301-952-6001.

Public High Schools

Public Middle Schools

Public Elementary Schools

Private Schools

(Some information in this section needs to be updated)

Private High Schools

Private Middle Schools

Private Elementary Schools

Private Pre-Kindergartens

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